K.C Blinds and Shutters Inc.

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Finished Arches

Arched Window Coverings


When it comes to completing your windows, arched windows can often be problematic for

those who are inexperienced due to their unique shapes and hard-to-reach locations. Don't

worry, and let the experts finish your window arches, we've been doing this for 12 years. We

have arches to fit any shape arch of any size, custom fit and designed to suit the customer's


Imitation Arches


Exclusive to KC blinds and shutters, the custom imitation arch is the best bang for your buck. Made out of 100% premium vinyl and outfitted with slats to fit the customer's preference, our imitation arches come at a fraction of the market price for arches!


Made as a cost-friendly alternative to shutter arches, the imitation arch slats allow a moderate amount of light to filter through, ensuring a finished look at an amazing price.

Shutter Arches


All shutter arches are custom-measured to fit your arches, we measure up to fractions of an inch and also take note of the unique angles and curves of your window. Moveable shutter arches allow the customer to control the amount of light they want to allow in.